Recent Calls
Sat. Feb 22nd 2020
At 1017 Waterford Fire was activated for a potential response in order to rescue a dog who got stuck on the "side of the canal." On Arrival of Car 649, it was found that the dog had since fo...
Tue. Feb 18th 2020
At 2327 Waterford fire was activated to assist EMS with a Cardiac arrest. Car 640, and various members went to scene. Unfortunately all attempts at resuscitation were unsuccessful. Units cleared at 23...
Tue. Feb 18th 2020
At 1125, the Waterford Fire Department, Waterford Rescue Squad and mutual aid of Northside and Halfmoon Fire, as well as Clifton Park-Halfmoon Ambulance, Fire Car 5, and EMS Car 5 were all activate fo...
Mon. Feb 10th 2020
at 1129 Waterford, Northside, and Halfmoon units were activated for a fire alarm activation. With a response of cars 649, 460, and T-661, 649 found it to be a culinary mishap, holding other units in s...
Fri. Feb 7th 2020
At 1400 Waterford Fire was activated for an MVA at Broad St and 6th st. upon arrival of 640 and 649, it was found that there was no need for a further Fire Department response, but EMS and PD were nee...
News Headlines
Fri. Feb 14th 2020
Tue. Jun 1st 2010
Fire did extensive damage to a two-story home at 108 Third St. on Tuesday morning in Waterford. Several fire companies from southern Saratoga County and Boght from the town of Colonie responded to the...
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News story on the Central Waterford Fire Station- 2/14/2020


Do you know what the Waterford Fire Department does?

Stop by any of our 3 stations on any Wednesday night after 7pm and talk to any one of the members to find out. 



As we are coming into the new year we would like to thank all of the firefighters, line officers. and Chiefs of department

 as well as their families, for all they have done and all they continue to do for our community, day in and day out.


A special thanks to the outgoing officers and welcome to those taking their place


Line Officers of 2020

Knickerbocker Steamer

Captain- Brian McMahon

1st LT.- Jim Norris

2nd LT- D.J. Lee

Ford Hose

Captain- Eric Esterby

1st LT.- Nick Cook SR.

2nd LT- Pele Matson

Kavanaugh Hook and Ladder

Captain- John Fairclough

1st LT.- Cody Paquin




Childrens Fireman Obstacle course Tug Boat Roundup 2019


Thanks to all those came and had fun with us at this event!

Waterford Fire visits the Library

On Thursday 7/25/19 the Waterford public Library invited us to come out and put a 

presentation on for kids in the community  

We brought down our ER-671, and E-641 as well as Lt. Norris one of our prevention officers

We would like to thank the library for having us as well as the kids and parents for coming down.


  Waterford Steamboat Meet


We would like to thank everyone who stopped by, to talk to our crew for the support,

as well as all the parents who let their kids explore our UTV and dress up in gear for pictures.

(from left to right FF. Cody Paquin, LT. Nick Cook SR., LT Jim Norris, FF Justin Hines)

Also a big thank you to the members who were stationed at the booth for their continuous participation in this event















Recent Calls

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